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Re: [IPk] Re: [IP] visual impairment and pumping (fwd)

Sorry folks - never heard of it.

When the prime infusion set function operates on the H-TROn 20 units of
insulin is pushed through the tube.  It is not easy to see this even with
good visin but if you leave the needle lying on the skin you can feel the
insulin wetting it - once this happens you know you are getting insulin -
you may still have air in the cartridge  however - di you need to see Rita
our CSII Nurse Trainer.  If you want to meet up give me your contact number
and she will meet up with you.  We are meeting the nurse from Manchester at
the BDA in Glasgow next week

Best wishes

John H
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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 22 April 1999 13:46
Subject: [IPk] Re: [IP] visual impairment and pumping (fwd)

>This is what someone on the US list suggested ( I htink I mentioned it
>Anyone know about liquid vit. B?
>John H?
>I've never heard of it.
>Where would I get it from?
>And what colour am I going to be turning my fat cells :-)
>> Hi Diana,
>> I just had a friend of mine that past way a month ago, she was legally
>> blind. Her eyesight was something else, But for the last 5 years, she was
>> on the pump using a MM 506.  You can do it, it just takes a little bit of
>> talent, and petients.  One thing that was recommended to be able to see
>> the clear insulin in clear tubing, is to inject a small amount of liquid
>> vitamin B into the insulin for coloring Just enough to tint it.
>> Christene Ullom
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>> email @ redacted (days)
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