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Re: [IPk] dancing part2


you need a certain amount of circulating insulin to be able to convert the
glucose into energy.  I wonder if the reason your Bg goes high after
eneretic work outs is because you do not have enough insulin.  On the H-Tron
you can reduce the basal rate for  to 4 hours by 50% ;can you do that with
the pump you have? if so this might be a better option than taking the pump
off altogether

Best wishes

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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
To: IP- UK <email @ redacted>
Date: 21 April 1999 10:14
Subject: [IPk] dancing part2

>OK, last night I went dancing for 2 hours again (this time pretty
>energetically - an hour and a half of continuous jive plys another
>half an hour of active stuff).
>BG at 6.45pm was 7.
>Had 15g of carbs (with a little fat and protein) and then disconnected
>from 7-9.
>I would have expected to be quite low if not hypo at some point, but
>my Bg at 9.30 (directly afterwards) was 16.
>Obviously I'll have to try this a few more times before I jump to any
>conclusions, but I'm trying to think of possible reasons / solutions.
>Dancing normally does not cause a rebound high like going to the gym does
(prolonged exercise never does with me).
>I am reluctant to start a very active session with a BG of 7 and no
>carbs, since I suspect I'll go hypo very quickly.
>Ditto for taking a bolus before I disconnect.
>Maybe I should have suspended the pump say an hour before I started
>the class and then not eaten any carbs / taken a bolus with some
>carbs? I think someone mentioned this before, about disconnecting
>Would that seem a sensible thing to do?
>And then take say a bolus of 1 unit as soon as I reconnect (which I
>did anyway).
>problem is I never know how active the class is going to be until it
>yes, i know i need to get my basals sorted out too but given the last
>few days I think that the daytime one is reasonably
>Obviously I'm not expecting things to be perfect yet  but of course it
>has been known for me to do stupid things / forget the obvious things!
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