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Re: [IPk] short tubing

I wondered about that.
Knowing how much I move around in my sleep, I'm worried it will drop
onto the floor or something.
i know John D1, you said yours ends up in all kinds of weird places but is
always fine.
If I wear anything in bed that usually ends up round my neck too, so nothing to clip it onto.
As a kid when I used a sleeping bag I would always end up in the
morning with the sleeping bag inside out and upside down (with my head
in the closed end). Can't think how!
Anyway I'm sure the pump will be fine - I don't think I'll put it under my
pillow though.

I know what you mean about the long tubing during the day - it gets
really annoying. I've been shoving it all in my pocket when I have
one. Sometimes it's useful though. I can't decide which I prefer.

I like the way the Tenders don't have a big sticky-out bit at the
site. That was really annoying with the Sofsets.

> I don't put it under my pillow. I sleep on my stomach and the pump lies
> loose by my side. If I roll it just rolls with me. I've never had any
> trouble. I tried the long tube, but it got all over the place during the day!
> John N
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