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[IPk] Re: [IP] visual impairment and pumping (fwd)

This is what someone on the US list suggested ( I htink I mentioned it before).
Anyone know about liquid vit. B?
John H?
I've never heard of it.
Where would I get it from?
And what colour am I going to be turning my fat cells :-)

> Hi Diana,
> I just had a friend of mine that past way a month ago, she was legally
> blind. Her eyesight was something else, But for the last 5 years, she was
> on the pump using a MM 506.  You can do it, it just takes a little bit of
> talent, and petients.  One thing that was recommended to be able to see
> the clear insulin in clear tubing, is to inject a small amount of liquid
> vitamin B into the insulin for coloring Just enough to tint it.

> Christene Ullom
> email @ redacted  (evenings)
> email @ redacted (days)

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