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Re: [IPk] site change problems again

Hi Di,

Sorry I did not contact you yesterday, I was working offline all day.

You have my telephone number, why didn't you phone? That's why I gave it to

How are the Bg's this morning?

I sometimes have the same problem, going high after a site change but it
usually levels off within a few hours, perhaps the site does not absorb the
Insulin as quickly as other areas. Call me if you need to talk.

Great news about Nathan, now we are 5. He also qualifies for the INPUT group
via his connection with Joan Everett and the RBH.

I am intrigued about your tape allergy problem, what exactly do you use? Are
you talking about the adhesive that comes with the infusion set, or do you
use some other tape to fasten everything down?

I do not use anything other than the adhesive that is part of the set. I
have never had any problems unless I leave it in too long. Mind you I have
only tried Tenders and Rapids.

John N is right, you should try the Tender.

You know where I am.


John Davis.

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