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Re: [IPk] tape allergy?

At 14:43 21/04/99 +0100, you wrote:
>The tape I used on my last site was different from the one I used the
>first time (two different types come in the package wth the Sofset -
>they aren't labelled so I've no idea what they are - I messed up the
>first one so had to use the second).
>The site was itching this morning and it's been in for 3 days so I changed it.
>The whole area where the tape was is red.
>Sound like a tape allergy?

Yep. When I started on SofSets in Dec 1997 there was a very strong adhesive
pad that never fell off, but left a nasty red weal on the skin, which
disappeared after a day or two. The use of Smith & Nephew SkinPrep barrier
reduced the problem slightly.

Then the SofSet Ultimate was released, that had a more gentle, elastic tape
that was kind to the skin, but fell off readily. Some compromise.

The Silhouette/Tender sticks very firmly and does not leave a rash...

Your choice!

John N

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