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Re: [IPk] dancing experience

Well done Di - perserverance and determination are probably a successful
pumper requires

Keep at it
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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 20 April 1999 14:08
Subject: Re: [IPk] dancing experience

>No, I'm serious!
>I know it seems hard to believe after my mails yesterday morning, but
>over the weekend and since yesterday lunchtime this is what I've
>Of course, I knwo it's not always going to be easy. But so far, every
>single reading that's been out of normal range has had a n
>explanation, and when I haven't been doing stupid things or been to
>the gym, they've been steady. of course, I haven't submitted my body
>to the things I normally submit it to, like drinking / dance
>competitions / stress / other intense exercise / not eating all day /
>partying or anything else diabetics aren't supposed to do <g> so I
>don't expect eveyrthing to be as smooth.
>But I am so happy with this so far, in spite of the problems.
>And believe me, I would tell you if I hated my pump!
>I didn't quite jump out of bed this morning but that's only because I
>didn't want my pump to hit the floor <g>.
>I feel like I've got my life back after 20 years.
>I was interested to see what the GP would say about my pumpwhen i went
>in this am to get my prescription changed.
>now that was frustrating.
>"I want to change my prescription from Humalog cartridges to Humalog
>vials please."
>Simple request i thought.
>After repeating it about 5 times and the guy going
>"vials...Humalog...cartridges..." (he wasn't a native English speaker)
>he asked me if I was a diabetic. With my notes in his nhand and all my
>details on the computer screen in front of him.
>After a few more minutes....
>"Are you insulin-dependent?"
>(well, duh, no that's why yuo can see all the insulins I've ever had
>and my sringes and needles
>on your screen and that's why i want my Humalog prescription)
>"yes I am"
>(he faffs around for another 10 minutes with the computer and I have
>to explain another 6 times what I want.)
>"So why do you want Humalog then?"
>"no, I'm already using it, all I want to change is the container it
>comes in" (explained about the pump but he wasn't interested)
>he didn't seemt ounderstand what I wanted so i tried it another way
>"type Humalog and when it comes up with a list of choices, picj the
>one that says 10ml instead of the one that says 1.5 ml"
>He seemed to understand that, but then had difficulty witht he fact
>that it came up with 100u/ml.
>I explained that that was the strength, not the quantity fo insulin.
>Finally we got there. I asked for 2 bottles and he managed to
>prescribe one instruction for 2 bottles and another one for one
>bottle. Oh well....
>And despite my asking for it to be put on repeat prescription, he
>failed to do that as well and gave it to me as a one-off.
>hopefuly when I go back I'll get someone a bit more competent. I'm
>just glad i wasn't asking him for a diagnosis or for anythig even
>slightly complicated!
>I was really quite shocked at his incompetence.
>iof he couldn understnad a simple request from someone reasonabyl
>articulate I dread to think what he's like with the majority of the
>Moss Side residents!
>i seem to get all the best docs :-)
> Di... do you really mean this? If you want to say "I hate these stupid
>> pumps, they're a waste of time", that's also a valid response!
>> But if things are already beginning to sit steady, that's fantastic!!!
>> done.
>> John N
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