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Re: [IPk] another thing


A similar study was done in the steno hospital in Denmark with Insulatard.
from day 1 to 2 the dose was doubled and the BG went up!  This was marketed
as a retarded insulin with predictable absorption and dose response

Published in BMJ approx 1982


John H
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From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
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Date: 20 April 1999 14:48
Subject: Re: [IPk] another thing

>At 14:15 20/04/99 +0100, you wrote:
>>....you were right about, John N - I've found I need *way* less
>>Humalog to cover meals than I did before.
>>I know I was sceptical but it's true.
>>What I can't figure out was where all that Insulatard was going
>>before, given the amounts I was taking and the fact that the Humalog
>>must also have been covering a large part of my basal needs.
>>I think it just spontaneously turned into fat :-)
>I read some research once that suggested that up to 40% of long acting
>insulin can sometimes degrade under the skin, and never make it to the
>blood stream. But other days it can all get it... try getting tight control
>under those conditions.
>I forget which journal it was published in, but it was done by a Canadian
>doctor if I remember rightly.
>John N
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