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Re: [IPk] another thing

At 14:15 20/04/99 +0100, you wrote:
>....you were right about, John N - I've found I need *way* less
>Humalog to cover meals than I did before.
>I know I was sceptical but it's true.
>What I can't figure out was where all that Insulatard was going
>before, given the amounts I was taking and the fact that the Humalog
>must also have been covering a large part of my basal needs.
>I think it just spontaneously turned into fat :-)

I read some research once that suggested that up to 40% of long acting
insulin can sometimes degrade under the skin, and never make it to the
blood stream. But other days it can all get it... try getting tight control
under those conditions.

I forget which journal it was published in, but it was done by a Canadian
doctor if I remember rightly.

John N

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