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[IPk] dancing experience

I know you wanted to know how my dancing went last night, so....
at 8pm my Bg was 8.9 (*exactly* where I wanted it to be) and I had 15g carbs.
I disconnected at the beginning of the class and danced for 2 hours. 
The class was a lot less strenuous than usual so I expected to be a little high by the end.

Didn't have time to check my BG imediately after because I would have
mised my lift home, so I just bolused 0.5 units (to be safe since I
didn't particularly want to be hypo on the way home and my BG could
have been on the low side), got home 15 minutes lateer and tested - BG
was 13.9 which was pretty much what I had expected. 

I am absolutely amazed at how steady my BG is (when I'm not attacking
it viciously with boluses <g>).
I know that's what it's supposed to do but it's such a novelty!
On MDI I think about 1 day in 10 (if that) I managed to keep my Bg
steady for more than a couple of hours.
Now I wake up with the same BG I went to bed with and even after meals
it's within a few points of what it was before meals.
And that's just with guessing at the basals!
Still some fine tuning to be done of course.
On Wednesday night (the evening I don't dance) I will try testing my overnight basals - I have a
feeling it's *reasonably* accurate at 0.8. If I can manage to restrain
myself from doing anything else active!
(but it's not my fault if my friend slips some vodka into my dc <g> -
he's looking forward to the time I can drink beer with him  again without it
affecting my BG too drastically!)


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