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Re: [IPk] the questions begin


Unknown to me our mailshot about the benefits of pumps and our training and
support package landed on the nurses doorstep the day after your 'training
session'.  We got a call same day and she is coming to our stand at Glasgow.
I've also asked our CSII Nurse Trainer to contact her for a one to one.  I
know that you are not on our pump but certain principles are common.

Having seen your correspondence with John N are you sure that the pump is
working correctly?

We have found that with our Tender ie teflon 'needle' set if your insertion
technique is a little hesitant the indwelling teflon 'needle' can pucker up,
cause pain and irritation and upset insulin delivery.  Could this be
happening with your current set

Best wishes

John H
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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 18 April 1999 12:15
Subject: Re: [IPk] the questions begin

>> >This has got to be the worst experience anyone has ever had starting on
>> >pump, and you are still enthusiastic, Di, I think you're great, you're
>> >example to all the whingers out there, I take my hat off to you!
>I didn't tell you the half of it either :-)
>> >Not only that but it reinforces my view that we have to get everybody
>> >educated about pump therapy, but I don't want to get on my soapbox
>Me too. I had high hopes after hearing how they had patients on pumps,
>a trained nurse, etc etc. Bit disappointing to find they're not quite
>as clued up as I thought. I have a feeling that this is the nurse
>rather than Rob Davies. After all, he was very happy fpr me to go onto
>the pump when I explained my reasons - none of this "you won't get
>better control on it" business. In fact I hardly had to explain my
>reasons. The nurse was a different matter.
>John H, she is very keen to get in touch with you by the way. More I
>think for what she can get out of Disetronic than to gain any
>knowledge (me - sceptical?). But she's going to contact you, and she's
>going to the BDA meeting in Glasgow and is keen to talk to you. A
>chance to educate her some?
>My attempts to get her interested in anythign on the Internet were
>pretty much rejected, although she has internet access.
>basically I was dyingto get out of her office before I strangled her
>so I didnt' spend too long trying to convince her.
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