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Re: [IPk] fun night

> What a great introduction to site changing!
> And yes, I know I tend to get a bit heavy handed with the insulin
> when my BG is high! I'm too impatient (even with Humalog's fast
> action).
> Oh well, I've learnt from it all, which is the main thing.

Don't know if they send the same patient info packet with the H in 
the UK, but the tail of Humalog is the same as Regular, only the peak 
is different. If you get enough of it in you, it will behave the same 
way in terms of wearing off. My daughter once accidentally received 
appx a 90 unit bolus of Humalog (long story, she was OK). It took 
about 6 hours to flush the stuff out of her system. You must be 
careful about accounting for unused insulin, particularly with a pump 
if you suspect a site problem.
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