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[IPk] duh

It suddenly occurred to me as I was in the library just now one reson for my problems last night.
I inserted the new set by disconnecting it first and then reconnecting
it once it was inserted, since I wanted to leave the old set in place
and running while I put the new one in, in case I had problems. I made
sure the insuin came out of the end of the tube, but I forgot about
the gap in the short bit of the tube (with the Sofsets it's about 3
inches I guess, including the cannula.
Duh! Thats a good 3 units of insulin short!
And when I disconnected, played around with it to see if it was primed
properly, put it back in, same again!

Add to the fact that I had been disconnected for the past hour while I
was in the gym, and no wonder my Bg shot up.

The rest of course was probably a result of being heavy handed.
Oh well, another lesson learnt.
I'm so glad I've figured out the cause! it was really bugging me!


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