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Re: [IPk] fun night

If you think my approach is aggressive you should see me playing football :-)

> >Just don't shout at me.
> Don't spoil my day! I love a good shout... ;-)
> >Hmmm, so why does DKA occur then?
> Some are more susceptible to DKA than others, but essentially DKA requires
> a) High bg
> b) High blood ketones
> c) Dehydration
> Just 2 of the above won't hurt you. Glucose and ketones both compete for
> water. When there's insufficient water to wash out both of them, they both
> build up, but it's the high ketones that make the blood excessively acidic
> and kills you.
> >Skyhigh Bgs scare me because I know the damage they'll be doing to my eyes.
> Of course they do. But you won't stop the next high bg by visciously
> attacking the current one. In attempting to aggressively correct every
> single high bg, you are missing the global picture. Each correction is
> laying the basis for the next bounce... so take a step back and take a more
> measured view...

yes, I know you're right really.

> Thinking back, when I started on the pump 18 months ago, it was all plain
> sailing. But in the preceding months I had been on a very low insulin
> regime, intentionally. I had also run very high bg's in the process and
> felt like shit. Maybe that's why my body was no longer spuriously pumping
> glucose into the blood all the time. Believe me, I've been there. I've been
> on the roller-coaster. I've aggressively and desperately attacked every
> high bg in sight. And I got into a complete twist.
> Unless you are suffering from insulin resistance, you shouldn't need more
> than 40 or 50 units a day. Anything above that will simply confuse the
> whole body's metabolism, and the bg's will bounce around all over the place...

On Saturday I took about 35 units all day and felt great. I'm sure
even less than that's achievable permanently (given the amount of
exercise I normally do). Especially if I manage to lose those extra
couple of stone I don't need.

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