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Re: [IPk] fun night

>Just don't shout at me.

Don't spoil my day! I love a good shout... ;-)

>Hmmm, so why does DKA occur then?

Some are more susceptible to DKA than others, but essentially DKA requires
a) High bg
b) High blood ketones
c) Dehydration

Just 2 of the above won't hurt you. Glucose and ketones both compete for
water. When there's insufficient water to wash out both of them, they both
build up, but it's the high ketones that make the blood excessively acidic
and kills you.

>Skyhigh Bgs scare me because I know the damage they'll be doing to my eyes.

Of course they do. But you won't stop the next high bg by visciously
attacking the current one. In attempting to aggressively correct every
single high bg, you are missing the global picture. Each correction is
laying the basis for the next bounce... so take a step back and take a more
measured view...

Thinking back, when I started on the pump 18 months ago, it was all plain
sailing. But in the preceding months I had been on a very low insulin
regime, intentionally. I had also run very high bg's in the process and
felt like shit. Maybe that's why my body was no longer spuriously pumping
glucose into the blood all the time. Believe me, I've been there. I've been
on the roller-coaster. I've aggressively and desperately attacked every
high bg in sight. And I got into a complete twist.

Unless you are suffering from insulin resistance, you shouldn't need more
than 40 or 50 units a day. Anything above that will simply confuse the
whole body's metabolism, and the bg's will bounce around all over the place...

OK! I'm through... no more shouting ;-)


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