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Re: [IPk] fun night

OK OK, I think I get your point!
> >But what do you do when you have a BG of 22 that won't shift??
> >You can't just sit there hoping that in 4 hours' time it will have gone
> >down, and find at the end of it it's gone up another 6 points.
> Yes you can! The kidneys strip out excess glucose into the urine, once it's
> over 10 or 12. The body looks after itself at extreme ends. The fine art of
> insulin adjustment is mainly for the 4 - 10 range.

Hmmm, so why does DKA occur then?

> Who says it won't shift? If you've taken some extra insulin, it might well
> take 4 hours to work. In the mean time, yes, you've just got to get on with
> life, and wait for the insulin to work. Saying oh I took 6 units an hour
> ago, and it hasn't worked, so I'll take another 6. Perhaps the 2nd lot will
> somehow work better.. That's logically pretty stupid. Or are you suggesting
> you should have taken 12 or 26 or 126 units in the first place?

yeah, I know. But it does seem to work like that sometimes (against all logic).
If all the insulin I took last night was working I'd be dead by now!
But somehow, some of it worked and some of it didn't. 
Don't ask me where it went. 

> My bg is currently 14.3 I was up all night programming, I had a big
> breakfast, I've had a very stressful morning, and my bg is up. So I've
> taken 3 units. That may take it down to 7. But I'm in no hurry.

> >yeah, I know. And this morning is proving it. Bg is up again to 16
> >(though slowly going down with the addition of some more H.
> STOP!!!!! You're sowing the seeds of your failure. Roller-coaster. Drink
> plenty of water. Let the kidneys shift that excess bg into the urine. Then
> the glycogen stores will settle down at an approprite level, and things
> will then become steadier...

And I'll feel too **** to get any work done. 
And I'll go around biting your head off and being thoroughly obnoxious :-)
Skyhigh Bgs scare me because I know the damage they'll be doing to my eyes.
Lows don't worry me.
I was actually very calm last night. 
Today i've just lost the plot completely.
Don't worry, I'll cheer up in a bit and be back to my usual self.
I can be rational really :-)
Just don't shout at me.

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