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Re: [IPk] fun night

>But what do you do when you have a BG of 22 that won't shift??
>You can't just sit there hoping that in 4 hours' time it will have gone
>down, and find at the end of it it's gone up another 6 points.

Yes you can! The kidneys strip out excess glucose into the urine, once it's
over 10 or 12. The body looks after itself at extreme ends. The fine art of
insulin adjustment is mainly for the 4 - 10 range.

>Or at least i can't! ALthough I know I'm too impatient for my own

Who says it won't shift? If you've taken some extra insulin, it might well
take 4 hours to work. In the mean time, yes, you've just got to get on with
life, and wait for the insulin to work. Saying oh I took 6 units an hour
ago, and it hasn't worked, so I'll take another 6. Perhaps the 2nd lot will
somehow work better.. That's logically pretty stupid. Or are you suggesting
you should have taken 12 or 26 or 126 units in the first place?

My bg is currently 14.3 I was up all night programming, I had a big
breakfast, I've had a very stressful morning, and my bg is up. So I've
taken 3 units. That may take it down to 7. But I'm in no hurry.

>yeah, I know. And this morning is proving it. Bg is up again to 16
>(though slowly going down with the addition of some more H.

STOP!!!!! You're sowing the seeds of your failure. Roller-coaster. Drink
plenty of water. Let the kidneys shift that excess bg into the urine. Then
the glycogen stores will settle down at an approprite level, and things
will then become steadier...

John N

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