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Re: [IPk] fun night

Di - what an extraordinary night! Things will improve...

>Came back from the gym at 4.30 with a BG of 5.
>Perfect, I thought, now to change the infusion set.

Nag... next time don't wait. If the set needs changing, it needs changing
now. Keep a spare, and the necessary bits of kit, in your desk drawer at
work. Most people do.

> (BTW, I discovered why the old site had
>been hurting - the cannula was bent at 90 degrees halfway along,
>though it hadn't been obstructed at all).

Is this a SofSet? It's one of the classic problems with SofSets. When they
slip, the canula kinks. Tenders/Silhouettes don't suffer this.

Can I make some suggestions... Avoid doing anything that you know to
destabilise your bg's until you get things on an even keel. So quit the
work outs, and the dancing and excessive eating/drinking etc just for the
next week or two. Large amounts of insulin don't just affect the bg over
the course of the next few hours: they can alter the storage of glycogen
within your body, which then comes back out as glucose days later... If you
are supercharged with glycogen, you have to let the stores unwind at their
own rate.

And don't respond so aggressively! (I know you know that, but I'm just
nagging you...) There is no reason for the bg to suddenly "crash" at the
end of the ride. That's your own fault. Chill out, calm down, discipline
yourself: you are in control of the situation. Take as much insulin as you
believe will do the job, wait 4 hours, and see what it does.

Over-insulinisation springs to mind... 26 units in just a few hours. The
system doesn't like that. It's the classic roller-coaster. You push all the
excess glucose out of the blood, then the plasma insulin level drops, and
it all rushes back in again during the night. Follow Franco's advice: give
yourself a fixed daily limit (say 40 units) and stick to it for the time being!

Hope you can salvage so comfort from the above!

John N

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