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[IPk] fun night

Last night was, um, an interesting experience.
Went to the gym at 3pm with a BG of 9.
Came back from the gym at 4.30 with a BG of 5.
Perfect, I thought, now to change the infusion set.
For some reason I was convinced my Bg wasnt going to bounce back up
like it usually does (I had deliberately done a very light workout).

Mistake no 1: don't change infusion sets after going to the gym!
Managed the change no problem (BTW, I discovered why the old site had
been hurting - the cannula was bent at 90 degrees halfway along,
though it hadn't been obstructed at all).

30 minutes later my BG was 15.
OK, rebound from the exercise, bolus 4 units.
30 minutes lateer, BG 18.
Hmmm, bolus 6 units.
60 minutes later, BG 18 still.
try another 6 units.
60 minutes later, BG 22.
Hmmmmmmm, check the site - no, not leaking, check the reservoir -
evrything looks OK. Shall I change the site? OK, first take 8 units by
syringe. See what happens.

That was when you rang, John D.
30 minutes later, BG 19.
Not coming down much , I'll try another 2 units bolus.
(not entirely sure why I did that but my brain was not really
functioning properly by now).

1 hour later, Bg 12.
OK, it's definitely  coming down.
1 hour later, Bg 4 and feeling distinctly hypo.
By this time it was about 11.30pm and I was thinking about going to
bed. Getting a bit worried in case all that insulin had suddenly
decided to take action. By this time my Bg was coming down and it
seemed that the Humalog I'd taken by syringe shoudl ahve worn off, so
the other insulin must be working too 9again, brain not really

had about 30g of carbs as I was dropping fast and finalyl got to sleep about 1.30am. Debated whether to set my alarm for 4am - decided not o bother as I knew I would wake up if I was particaularly high or low. 
Woke up at 3:59. BG 18.
eek. Bolus 4 units. Back to sleep.
Woke up at 7.30am. BG 18.
OK, this is the last time before I change the set.
bolus 8 units.
30 minutes later, BG 16.
OK, it's coming down. Is it coming down enough?
1 hour later Bg 5.
yes it is! Thank goodness for that. At last I can have some breakfast!

For some reosn I was reluctant to change the site - I was just
conivnced that that wasn't the problem.

Anyway, the story appears to have a happy ending.
I am now back on track with a BG of 7 (and feeling slightly less like

What a great introduction to site changing!
And yes, I know I tend to get a bit heavy handed with the insulin when
my BG is high! I'm too impatient (even with Humalog's fast action).

Oh well, I've learnt from it all, which is the main thing.

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