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Re: [IPk] the questions begin

>Yes, I don't know of any doctors (of all the millions I seem to be
>seeing at the moment) who are happy with the internet and email as a
>means of communication. Maybe hty think they'll get constantly hassled
>by patients - but at least it's non-invasive.

The experience of the rest of the universe is that email does lend itself
to a rapid and timely response, once you get yourself organised. And stock
replies of the "please make an appointment to see me so we can discuss this
further" type are available at the click of a mouse.

There is clearly the confidentiality issue which has to be addressed.
Unless encrypted, all emails are legally open to inspection by any nosey
network manager as the email bounces its way around the world.

>hope so. At least this nurse is going to learn something about pumping
>from me (whether she likes it or not!) and indirectly from the
>list. if she doesn't use the internet I'll just bombard her with
>printouts <g>.

When the opportunity arises, invite her to join this list, and perhaps the
US-based list as well...

John N

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