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Re: [IPk] the questions begin

> The medical profession still seem to have its knickers in a twist about the
> internet. It upsets their established control mechanisms - both authority
> control and quality control. This is neither a good nor a bad thing, but
> something that they have to sort out.

Yes, I don't know of any doctors (of all the millions I seem to be
seeing at the moment) who are happy with the internet and email as a
means of communication. Maybe hty think they'll get constantly hassled
by patients - but at least it's non-invasive. The times I've had to
try and get through to one of my consultants and been passed around
from person to person and never managed to get to speak to him/her it
would be far easier )and less hassle for them too) to use email. 
> I suspect it is patients like us turning up armed to the teeth with the
> latest and best information that will drive them to keep ahead as well.
> This will benefit all.

hope so. At least this nurse is going to learn something about pumping
from me (whether she likes it or not!) and indirectly from the
list. if she doesn't use the internet I'll just bombard her with
printouts <g>.

> My endo in Bristol (can we agree to use the US term "endo" on this UK list?
> It's a lot easier to type than "diabetes consultant"...) 

yeah, good idea. I think in terms of these words anyway now!

is delighted to
> correspond with me by email, and we in turn copy my GP as well. The
> correspondence then turns 3-way which is good. Doctors who aren't emailable
> I tend to steer clear of. 
Good job you don't live in Manchester then :-)
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