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Re: [IPk] infusion sitr question

Thanks John
I was just thinking the same. it's gradually hurting more.
The nurse asked me how often I was going to change the sets (so she'd
know how many I needed for a month).
As if it was a fixed number I was always going to stick to, no matter what!
I said on average the people I knew of changed about every 3 days. She
said her patients changed twice a week (visions of "no, you can't
change it yet, you've got another 2 hours to go!"). Well tough **** if
I use more than she wants me to :-)
I'm going to the gym in a little while then I'll go home and change
it. I'm a bit scared about changing it - hope I remember how to do it

John N - do you have a number I can call you on if I run into any
problems later - the one you gave me before for the RNCM didn't seem to
> Personally, I would change it straight away. If you're not paying for the
> things, there's nothing to loose. It could be anything, or it could be
> nothing. If you change the site, it will also give you a good chance to
> examine it. A "good" infusion site gives no feeling at all. Once you feel
> something, you should change.
> How long are you intending to keep sets in for? Probably a good idea to
> start with a set change every 2 days, then if that goes OK, move to 3 days.
> Some go 4 days without any trouble. But it varies a lot between people.
> John N
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