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Re: [IPk] infusion sitr question

>My Sofset has been in for about 48 hours and is hurting a little. 
>Didn't hurt at all till yesterady when I think it was rubbing on the
>belt of my
jeans because I was sitting hunched over my desk (hey, this pump could
>improve my posture too <g>). It looks fine (to my
>impaired vision) and not red or hot. It doesn't really 
>hurt unless I touch it. Don't seem to be any problems otherwise - BG is
>absolutely fine - a nice 6.5! I'm wondering if I should change the site (I was
>planning to leave it another day).

Personally, I would change it straight away. If you're not paying for the
things, there's nothing to loose. It could be anything, or it could be
nothing. If you change the site, it will also give you a good chance to
examine it. A "good" infusion site gives no feeling at all. Once you feel
something, you should change.

How long are you intending to keep sets in for? Probably a good idea to
start with a set change every 2 days, then if that goes OK, move to 3 days.
Some go 4 days without any trouble. But it varies a lot between people.

John N

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