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Re: [IPk] the questions begin

yes, I always have problems with exercise - hoping the pump will help
here a little.

Sorry, I was kind of confusing two issues in my last post - the
theoretical how to and the practical "what do I do on Monday night"

I realise it's going to take time to figure out what works for
me. Still, with 4 nights of dancing a week and 2-3 sessions in the gym
a week at a minimum I should figure it out reasonably quickly!
Thanks for the practical stuff about Monday everyone.
I think, assuming everything is farily normal to start with,  I'll try suspending about half an hour before (since we neve
get started on time anyway, so it'll be more like an hour) and then
test halfway through and see how I'm doing. Dancing is a difficicult
one anyway because every session is different in intensity. Tehy're
all used to seeing me "zone out" during dancing anyway and if I go
high it'll be easy to zap in a bit more :-)

> I find exercise the ultimate YMMV. It depends on too many things it seems.
> How toned up your muscles are. Aerobic or anaerobic exercise. Where and how
> full your glycogen stores are (ie what you've eaten the last few days, how
> much other exercise you've done, what preceding hypos you've had...), how
> fresh your infusion site is and a dozen other things. If everything else is
> nice and steady in your life (ie you're not taken full advantage of the
> flexibility of pump therapy!), you may be able to spot patterns, and so
> predict what will work each time. Otherwise it's a case of test your bg
> every hour or two, and respond accordingly.
> I don't exercise regularly enough to have a fixed routine worked out, but
> others do. I generally cut my basal an hour before, but also take some carb
> just before. I find taking a meal bolus of Humalog within an hour of
> starting will cause a very sharp drop.
> >> So in theory I would need to suspend my insulin completely during
> >> those 4 hours and also take 6g carbs. But this seems like too much of
> >> a reduction to me. or is that right (in theory)?
> >> 
> >This is a good analysis. It is a reasonable starting point.
> Despite what we're told about requiring a minimum plasma-insulin
> concentration _at all times_, there appear to be exercise related
> conditions in which the muscles will absorb insulin without the need for
> any insulin, strange though this may seem.
yes, I have a feeling about this too.
When I went walking in the Peak District over Easter, I took almost
no insulin all day (certainly far less than 50% of my usual) and I was
still running low most of the day. 

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