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Re: [IPk] the questions begin

Hi Michael, 
Yes, I know how to determine the basals etc.
I also know what the effect of exercise is on me.
it was just the theoretical "how to" I was wondering about.
I know it's going to take time to figure out for me personally.
Thanks for the info though

> You are getting the cart before the horse. First you must carefully 
> establish your basal rates by carefully doing basal profiles over a 
> couple of weeks of "normal" days. That is, days without unusual 
> activities that would otherwise raise/lower your bg's.
> Then you must determine your body's response to the exercise. For 4 hours 
> of activity it will certainly produce a "hangover" effect that must be 
> compensated for may hours. Some folks have an immediate bg rise when 
> exercising heavily, followed by a fall. Others fall immediately. You will 
> have to determin by careful record keeping and analysis, what adjustments 
> you must make. Read Pumping Insulin, about profiling basal rates. Also 
> check the web site. There are several HOWTO's on check and adjusting 
> basals, ratios, etc...
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