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Re: [IPk] the questions begin

>This has got to be the worst experience anyone has ever had starting on the
>pump, and you are still enthusiastic, Di, I think you're great, you're an
>example to all the whingers out there, I take my hat off to you!
>Not only that but it reinforces my view that we have to get everybody
>educated about pump therapy, but I don't want to get on my soapbox again.

I think Di's experiences with the so-called "experts" at Manchester is a
wake up call to us all. To get the best out of pumping, you need a
combination of a very good pump trainer at a "Centre of Excellence", some
good books, and an internet support group like this. Only then does pumping
achieve its full potential.

John H - you may want to check out the Manchester group, and see if they
are really abreast of the latest pump advances. If they call themselves
pump trainers and have not heard of variable basal rates and
Tenders/Silhouettes, and believe pumping is only a solution for
needle-phobics, it's shocking.

John N

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