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Re: [IPk] the questions begin

Hi Di

Michael is quite right, you must get your basals right first before you
start messing about adjusting them willy nilly! This will, as Michael says,
take a couple of weeks, in addition you will have to fast (miss a meal!!!!)
on 3 separate days for fine tuning. I had to miss breakfast on the first
day, dinner on the second and lunch on the third.

As far as your dancing class is concerned, what I would do in this instance,
would to check your BG before and if OK, turn the pump off whilst dancing,
when you've finished, turn the pump back on and check BG and adjust
accordingly. Chance of a big choccy cake etc!!!! if you are low.

When I mow the lawn, I know I have to turn the pump off, but nearly always
forget and end up having to have a KitKat or two (shame! I luv em). My wife
swears I do it deliberately, I probably do but only to get my meter average

As you get used to the pump you will find out how to react to differing
situations,  it is big a learning curve, but a wonderful experience.

I will get a professional view for you by Monday, is there anywhere we can
contact you by phone on Monday, we may need some info to be able to help in

This has got to be the worst experience anyone has ever had starting on the
pump, and you are still enthusiastic, Di, I think you're great, you're an
example to all the whingers out there, I take my hat off to you!

Not only that but it reinforces my view that we have to get everybody
educated about pump therapy, but I don't want to get on my soapbox again.

Just stay in there Di, we will get it sorted.

John Davis.

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