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Re: [IPk] the questions begin

You are getting the cart before the horse. First you must carefully 
establish your basal rates by carefully doing basal profiles over a 
couple of weeks of "normal" days. That is, days without unusual 
activities that would otherwise raise/lower your bg's.

Then you must determine your body's response to the exercise. For 4 hours 
of activity it will certainly produce a "hangover" effect that must be 
compensated for may hours. Some folks have an immediate bg rise when 
exercising heavily, followed by a fall. Others fall immediately. You will 
have to determin by careful record keeping and analysis, what adjustments 
you must make. Read Pumping Insulin, about profiling basal rates. Also 
check the web site. There are several HOWTO's on check and adjusting 
basals, ratios, etc...


On Sat, 17 Apr 1999, Diana Maynard wrote:

> Here's a question for John N and John D the First....
> (the first of many no doubt)
> I know this is a YMMV thing but.....
> The one thing I'm not sure about is reducing the basal rate for things like exercise.
> Say I'm going to dance for 4 hours and would normally take 40g of
> carbs extra (20g before and 20g halfway through).
> Say I'm using a basal rate of 0.7, and I haven't eaten so there's no basal insulin about.
> How much would I want to reduce my basal rate for those 4 hours?
> If I take 1 unit per 12g carbs (say), 40g of carbs = 3.3 units.
> 4 hours at 0.7 units per hour is 2.8 units.
> So in theory I would need to suspend my insulin completely during
> those 4 hours and also take 6g carbs. But this seems like too much of
> a reduction to me. or is that right (in theory)?
This is a good analysis. It is a reasonable starting point.

> Oh yes, and how long before should I start reducing it?
> The book of course doesn't deal with Humalog.

One hour. The H has been dripping in over slowly over approximately a 2 
hour absorption time. Half would have been used (as a linear estimate)
Again, this is only a starting point.

> I need to know before my first dance class on Monday night!
> 'll be generous with the reduction anyway the first time.
>  I've had too many bad hypos while dancing!

Be prepared for a reduced basal requirement for the whole night. My 
daughter will typically have an equivalent to a 200 point drop in bg 
after a workout and soccer game. It does not show up all at once but is 
spread out over about the following 6- 8 hours.

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