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[IPk] the questions begin

Here's a question for John N and John D the First....
(the first of many no doubt)
I know this is a YMMV thing but.....
The one thing I'm not sure about is reducing the basal rate for things like exercise.
Say I'm going to dance for 4 hours and would normally take 40g of
carbs extra (20g before and 20g halfway through).
Say I'm using a basal rate of 0.7, and I haven't eaten so there's no basal insulin about.
How much would I want to reduce my basal rate for those 4 hours?
If I take 1 unit per 12g carbs (say), 40g of carbs = 3.3 units.
4 hours at 0.7 units per hour is 2.8 units.
So in theory I would need to suspend my insulin completely during
those 4 hours and also take 6g carbs. But this seems like too much of
a reduction to me. or is that right (in theory)?

Oh yes, and how long before should I start reducing it?
The book of course doesn't deal with Humalog.

I need to know before my first dance class on Monday night!
'll be generous with the reduction anyway the first time.
 I've had too many bad hypos while dancing!


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