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Re: [IPr] Re: faith, pregnancies and pumps...

On 9/20/02 1:25 AM, "Kristen Olgren" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I subscribed so that I could read the posts on the web and not have them
> clutter my mail box.  Now I see the drawback to that is that I can't really
> reply exactly to the messages from the web site.  Please bear with me.

You need to "cut and paste" between your Browser and your Email program.

> Thanks for your thoughts on the 508 vs. the Paradigm.  I'm beginning to lean
> toward the Paradigm, because someone pointed out to me I
> could always hang on to my 507 and switch back to it, if necessary, during a
> pregnancy.  And, who knows, maybe I'd opt against switching back to it.

How about the IR1000 or the D-tron Plus or H-tron Plus or the Diabecare II
or the Cozmo or the Amigo?   There are a lot of option out there nowadays.
Don't limit yourself to just one manufacturer.

> You asked about how much insulin I took during my pregnancy.  Bear in mind, I
> take a lot of insulin already.  I take about 50 units a day
> or so when not pregnant.

IMHO, anyone who takes more than 35 units a day is NOT a good candidate for
the Paradigm.  Unless you want to pay for a LOT of additional syringes.

> 507.  I did that "just in case" with my 504 before that, but I'm guessing that
> wonderful $3000+ machine is headed for the
> garbage when my new pump arrives.  What a shame!
Remember the "Recycle" Program that Michael has in place with Minimed.  That
could mean a tax deduction for you and a less expensive pump for someone not
on insurance.

George        :>)
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