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[IPr] Re: faith, pregnancies and pumps...

I subscribed so that I could read the posts on the web and not have them clutter my mail box.  Now I see the drawback to that is that I can't really reply exactly to the messages from the web site.  Please bear with me.  

Thanks for your thoughts on the 508 vs. the Paradigm.  I'm beginning to lean toward the Paradigm, because someone pointed out to me I
could always hang on to my 507 and switch back to it, if necessary, during a pregnancy.  And, who knows, maybe I'd opt against switching back to it.

You asked about how much insulin I took during my pregnancy.  Bear in mind, I take a lot of insulin already.  I take about 50 units a day
or so when not pregnant.  By the end of the pregnancy, I was taking an injection at breakfast time to avoid using my insulin too fast as it was.  (My carb to insulin ratio was 1 unit for every 2 grams at breakfast!)  Including breakfast, I took about 125 units a day, so I guess that would be about 375 for three days.  I switched out my sites every other day then.  Should the same thing happen during another pregnancy, I would likely either take multiple shots or plan on changing sites daily, but a daily change would be rough, because at the end of pregnancy, you can't use your stomach for sites.	The fat tissue is stretched too thin.  I will certainly hang on to my 507.  I did that "just in case" with my 504 before that, but I'm guessing that wonderful $3000+ machine is headed for the
garbage when my new pump arrives.  What a shame!

As a rule of thumb, I would say you can at LEAST expect to double your insulin intake during pregnancy, and be aware that your needs
may increase more than that.

Hope I could be of some help!  I hope God blesses you with children soon.  Your idea about getting a referral to a perinatologist from your endo is a great one.  I had the good fortune of my endo working one day every two weeks in a diabetes in pregnancy clinic, so I got to see her at every appt. with my perinatologist every other week throughout my pregnancy.  She recommended him to me, and I am very pleased with the high quality of care I got from the both of them.

You didn't ask about breastfeeding (that's probably a little too far ahead to be thinking of now, anyway), but I'll tell you that it
lowered my insulin needs considerably with my second child (although I didn't really notice that much change with my first).  I struggled
with lows until we got it leveled out.  Prepregnancy, I took one unit for every 9 grams, and now I take one for every 12.  I think
breastfeeding can be credited with that.

Any other questions you wish to ask, I'd be happy to give answering them a try.


Kristen Olgren

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