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Re: [IPr] faith, pregnancies and pumps...

       I had 2 children on the pump, they are now 15 and 11 yrs old.  My 
normal daily dose of insulin is about 25 units/day.  By the 6th month of my 
pregnancy I was using over 50 units/day and at the end I was using 70 
units/day.  The biggest jump came at about 5 months along.  Ask your doctors 
about their experiences. 
        I was induced to deliver at 37 weeks with both kids ( my A1C was 
about 6) and they did an amniocentesis before the inductions to determine 
lung maturity.  Both my kids were and are very healthy.  I had a lot of 
ultrasounds to monitor the size of the babies growth.  I bet things are 
different now, hopefully the doctors aren't as nervous as they were with me.  
Also, the first trimester I had more hypoglycemia on my normal insulin 
dosage.  I had terrible morning sickness with my 2nd pregnancy and I took 
meclizine (Antivert) which was safe for pregnancy (but makes you very tired). 
Hope this helps,
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