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Re: [IPr] faith, pregnancies and pumps...

Hi Cynthia,
I am the mother of twins----they are 13 now.I was diagnosed at age 14 I am 
now 44 I delivered my twins 2 weeks before my 31st birthday. I had a 
challenging pregnancy but it was totally worth it!!!! Many people told me I 
would have difficulty but my OB/GYN told me the most important thing was to 
have good control at the time of conception.Our attitude is so important in 
anything we do.I had a 5.something A1C when I conceived then of course when I 
was told I was having twins my OB/GYN said I was now in double high risk 
pregnancy and at 21 weeks had me monitoring my contractions (I wore a belt 
for an hour and sent the info over the phone)very smart doctor because at 25 
weeks I was having contractions that I did not feel---I was sent to the 
hospital and put on medication to stop the contractions and then went on 
total bed rest at home.I wound up having a c-section at 34 weeks.My 
endocrinologist and ob/gyn worked closely together and I have 2 healthy 
beautiful children that i thank God for each and every day.ps I was not on a 
pump at the time....but I do remember my doctor saying if I decided to have 
another child he would recommend the pump first.Since God sent me a boy and a 
girl I decided to stop there.
Diabetics can get pregnant it is a little more work but every moment spent is 
worth it.Start with a good A1C and a good team of doctors(endicrinologist and 
ob/gyn) and being on the pump should help.
Good luck!
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