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[IPr] faith, pregnancies and pumps...

Hi Kristen,

I really appreciate what you shared about your pregnancies.  It's become
clear to me over the last few days as I've read this strand on the spirit
list that many of us women of faith have a lot of courage as well as a lot
of questions when it comes to considering starting a family.  

My name is Cynthia Albrecht.  I was dxd in August of 1987.  I've been
pumping since July 2001... and will never go back!!  When initially
diagnosised I often felt guilty... my doctor would tell me if I did A, B,
and C just like he said, then I'd get the A1C results I wanted.  I'd tell
him I did A, B, and C, but didn't end up with said results.  Since I was
entering adulthood at this point in my life... I believe he thought I was
being a rebellious and non-conscientious teenager.  It makes me mad to
think about it now.  Even then, I wanted to pursue the pump, but he
repetitively told me I would not be a good candidate.  If only he could
see me now!!!  

In regards to considering getting pregnant, I recently met and married a
wonderful godly man.  We've prayerfully considered started a family. 
Thankfully the endocrologist I work with through Kaiser Permanente works
closely with the parentologist in the OB/GYN department.  Before we even
got married a year ago, we were encouraged and went to visit with the
parentologist.  It was the best thing we did in relieving my anxieties and
answering questions about getting pregnant.  The bottom line was that
many, many, many diabetic women safely have children, especially if their
bs are under good control, and that women on the pump seem to have a
better time of it.  I encourage any woman considering having a child, to
ask their endocrologist or OB/GYN for a referral to see a parentologist. 
By-the-way, we (my husband and I) are not pregnant yet, but are looking to
start trying at the end of this year, the first part of next... we'd covet
your prayers in this delicate, yet so exciting matter.

Finally, Kristen I'm glad you asked about the 508 and Paradigm.  I started
on the 508 last year... and traded in for the Paradigm this fall.  I love
the Paradigm... the supplies (insulin reservior especially) are
sooooooooooooo much easier to use.  And the Paradigm does a lot of the
work in priming that I use to have to do by hand.  However, I don't know
how much extra insulin you required for your pregnancies, nor do I know
how much I will need, so that potential could be a huge drawback.  How
much do you need typically in a 3 day stint when your pregnant?  I'm just

Kristen, I'm glad you jumped in and shared a story about getting pregnant
with diabetes.. I'm trusting God to see me through at least one pregnancy
if not more... and while we're open to considering adoption depending on
how they go.. it's always encouraging to hear about other diabetic women's
success in pregnancy.

Much love and grace,

email @ redacted writes:
>My name is Kristen Olgren and I have had diabetes since I was nearly 14
>years old.  I was diagnosed in 1985.  I've been on an insulin pump since
>1990.  I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I've been fortunate to have no
>real complications to speak of.
>While on the pump, I have given birth to two healthy children and
>breastfed both.  They are four years old (boy) and five months (girl). 
>I believe the pump was an important part of getting through that
>Right now, I am working on getting a new pump.  I use the Minimed 507,
>and can't decide between the 508 and the Paradigm.  I've seen the
>Paradigm and really like it.  The problem with it is the very small
>capacity reservoir, especially during pregnancy, if I should have
>another child.  So I'm really torn about what I should get and was
>hoping to get some insight from people who have experience with both. 
>Thanks in advance to anyone who has some insight to offer!

Cynthia Albrecht 
Social Studies/English teacher
Legacy High School
2701 W. 136th Ave
Broomfield, CO 80020
email: email @ redacted

Whose history is it to tell?  The historians who study it or the people
who lived it?  - CKA 
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