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[IPr] pump

Ok, I told you all I would tell you how I got my pump.  So, here goes.
My husband and I answered God's call to go work at a residential group home 
for children in Miami Fl.  That was in Sept 1997.  Soon after we got there a 
group from one of the local churches started a Secret Sisters group with 
"our" girls at the Home.  The Christmas of 1999 brought a new member to the 
group, a lady named Audrey.  We were at a lady's house where my daughter met 
Audrey's daughter.  The girls started talking about their mothers.  Audrey's 
daughter said something to the effect of her mom used to act really crazy 
when her blood sugars were high and low but she was on the pump now and 
wasn't nearly so crazy!  My daughter asked her to please introduce her mom to 
me!  I met Audrey who showed me her pump and told me she had recently 
upgraded and had asked God to send her someone to donate the other set of 
pumps to!  So, she gave me the number of her endocronolgist and said if I was 
approved for the pump she would give me her old pumps.  They had just been to 
the manufacturer for re-calibrating and were ready to go into use!  So, I 
started pumping in March of 2000.  I think of Audrey often and thank God for 
her and her generosity and willingness to help me.  Before I left Miami and 
my insurance I up-graded my pumps so I would have a warranty on my pumps.  I 
recently donated the other set of pumps to a fellow pumper who's pump she was 
using was going on the fritz.
Yes, I say set because I use the Disetronic H-tron Plus'.  Don't know how all 
those who are on MM can stand only having one!  I like having a 
back-up--although in 3 years have never needed a backup!

Debbie and Magnum I.P.
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