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[IPr] Re: adoption, God, guilt, and location

Wow, thanks for your original post, Debbie, because this is the longest 
Spirit digest I've ever gotten.  I was especially interested in everyone's 
comments about adoption.  I'm getting married in March and am a little 
concerned that I might not be able to get pregnant.  I've been diabetic for 
21 years and didn't take the greatest care of myself when I was a kid, so I'm 
a little concerned I may have done some damage, although the only diabetic 
complication I've ever had from that is a touch of high blood pressure, that 
I've been able to control through diet.  Anyway, my fiance and I are also 
considering adoption and I've wondered if being diabetic for so long might 
give me some challenges.

I also wanted to mention that my parents grew up in Jackson, Michigan, and my 
aunt & uncle lived in Warren, MI for several years.  Now my p's live in 
Florida, and I live in Denver.

I have also never felt like diabetes was a punishment from God, although 
sometimes when I'm having diabetic problems that I can't seem to fix (i.e., 
high bg's with no rhyme or reason for a few days) I want to shake my fist at 
Him and ask what He's trying to tell me.  I actually think of diabetes as 
sort of a gift from God--just because if I wasn't diabetic, I never would 
have started exercising or watching my weight, and I would probably be in 
horrible shape by this point in my life.  Diabetes gives me incentive to take 
care of myself that I'm not sure I would have otherwise.

I feel more 'guilty' (or maybe 'selfish' is a better word) when others say 
they will pray for me and I'm grateful.  I don't make a habit of asking 
others to pray for me, at least not with diabetes--I've had some chronic 
problems with sinusitis that make me feel as if I always have a cold or 
allergies--but when people offer or tell their friends to pray for me, I am 
always very grateful.  I can use all the help I can get, I guess!

I was really glad to get a long Spirit digest!  Thanks!
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