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Re: [IPr] hello

Hi, Gina!  Where in Michigan do you live?  I grew up in Warren until I was 
13, then Dad moved us to Ellsworth--up around Traverse City and Petosky.  
When I was 17 we moved to Kentucky.
Our first child we adopted through the Ky Baptist Homes for Children.  She 
was 5 weeks old, she's 17 today!  We did not have any problems whatsoever 
back then.  Our last 4 we adopted in December, they were 16, 13, 10 and 4.  
We went throught he State of Florida and no we did not have any problems.  
BUT, we worked for the Fl Baptist Children's Home for 4 years and were still 
working for them when we adopted the children.  The mother and grandmother 
actually were the ones who asked DCF to ask us if we would adopt the 
children.  We had worked with the older 3 for 1 1/2 yrs before we were asked 
to adopt them.  The health question never came up.  Had to have a physical 
for work so I kept a copy of it in case the state wanted me to have a 
physical.  I do remember a social worker telling me once about her fighting 
for a grandmother with diabetes trying to adopt her grandchildren.  I 
supposed it depends on how well one is under control.  I was afarid to goto 
the dr for anthing, afraid they would find something bad and mess up the 
adoptions!  But, God is good and nothing was wrong.  Matter of fact the dr 
did a 24 hr urine catch and it was perfect!  She was amazed--me too.
I don't know Michigan's policy for adoptions.  I know there is someone out in 
AZ who is trying to adopt and she said the questions into her health were 
very intense.  I feel very fortunate and know, for a fact, that God was in 
our decision to pursue the adoptions and in the final outcome.  The adoption 
of our last 4 was a dream, for real, come true.  8 yrs earlier my husband had 
a dream about 4 children asking him why he was turning his back on them.  He 
woke me up and told me we had to adopt more children, told him he was crazy!  
To make a long story short, we did the MAPP training for foster and adoption, 
did foster care for 2 yrs  Quit and felt like we were deserting the kids.  A 
yr later we went to Miami to work for Children's home, had 10 abused 
neglected or orphaned children to ttake care of.  Had a chance to go 
somewhere else, accepted it BUT did not feel right about the transfer so 
decided to stay in Miami.  When we got back from a vacation-3 of the children 
we adopted were in the house--we fell in love immediately.  Their, then 2 y/o 
sister went into foster care.  2 yrs later we were asked to adopt them. It 
was a battle with the agency we worked for but things worked out but only 
because God was in this to begin with--those 8 long yrs ago!  Our daughter, 
Sarah, was in favor of the adoptions and we feel she has grown as a Christian 
and as a human being. She is a wonderful young lady.  
I wish you all the luck if you pursue adoption.  I don't know how your 
dialysis will affect the decision of whichever agency you would go through.

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