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Re: [IPr] hello

No, I do not believe I was given diabetes as a punishment.  However, when I 
became a diabetic my dad became an alcoholic.  He couldn't deal with it.  I 
also used to pray very hard for my diabetes to go away.  Used to actually run 
to the medicine cabinet with expectations that my testing equipment would be 
gone!  Imagine my disappointment as an 8 yr old to find it still there!  You 
know we are taught to ask and it shall be given.  I think a little something 
gets lost in the translation!  But anyway--I am a believer--I do believe 
Jesus died on the cross and arose for me and all others who believe in Him.
I had 8 doctors  tell me not to have children when we first married.  I had 
my tubes tied before we got out of the AF at  22 yrs old.  Waited until we 
were 25 before we could even put in to adopt.  The first adoption--17 yrs 
ago--asked questions about diabetes.  Dr said I could take care of children 
so no prob.  The last 4 were adopted last December. They are a sibling group 
we adopted through the State of Florida--while we lived there.  No problem 
there whatsoever.  Didn't even have to have a physical but it was a unique 
I hope we can all keep in touch ans share more.  
I have been pumping for nearly 3 years.  Will share my pump story with you 
all next time.  It was God given also!

Till next time!
Debbie and Magnum I.P.  (I just named my pump and am not used to putting 
"his" name on my sign off!)  (I.P.--Insulin Pump!)
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