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Re: [IPr] hello

On 9/16/02 5:45 PM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I have this site in my address book and wondered if anyone is actually out
> there!  I have recieved 2 things from Spirit since joining.  One was today, a
> profile of  Matt the Skeptic and the other was quite a while ago, a listing
> of all the letters to I-P Digest concerning anything in which God was
> mentioned, there were like 5 letters and I think 2 were mine!.  So, does this
> site actually get mail?  Just curious!  Maybe it's just waiting for us all to
> write something!

You're right!   This list IS Waiting.   Waiting for anyone to just tell
their story or to begin any kind of dialog.   There are 65 members of the
Spirit list and all but a few appear to be the "quiet type"!   ;>)

When this list was first started there was a fair amount of dialog.   Some
members lost interest and stopped posting.   I think if someone just started
writing that eventually there would be more interest.   I'm kind of 'guilty'
myself in that I don't post original messages, mostly Replies to others.

Maybe  "GUILT"  would be a good topic for this list right now?  I know that
some feel that somehow G*d is punishing them with diabetes for whatever sins
they may have committed.   Do you believe that diabetes has been used as a
punishment by G*d?

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