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Re: [IPr] hello

Hi Debby!

I've been on the spirit list for several weeks and this is the first message
I've received!  I was wondering if there had been a mistake.

40 years -- WOW!!  That really is a long time!  I was diagnosed 26 years ago
at age 14, and also feel blessed:  My only complication has been neuropathy
(stomach and back).  As a young adult I was told I would be dead by my late
30s after several years of kidney failure and blindness.

HA!!  We showed them!

Good for you for adopting!  When I was married we were on an adoption
waiting list.  At that time, my diabetes doc said my risk of severe
complications would be increased if I got pregnant.  I've been divorced for
15 years, never remarried or had any children.  I do best with the furry
types of kids (a 17 month old Husky, and a 13 year old Samoyed).  My 80 year
old mother lives with me and we're getting ready to move my 82 year old Dad
to the Denver area to an Assisted Living Center--he's getting Alzheimer's.
So it seems like I do have "children" after all in taking care of my

Whenever I think of "why did God allow this to happen to me?"  I remember
Jesus' answer when people asked him if an afflicted person was sick due to
his sin or his parent's sin--"Neither, but to have the opportunity for God
to show His power" (I'm really paraphrasing here).

BTW, Long-winded and silly sounds great to me!

Best wishes,

Animas pump since July 8, 2002

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Subject: [IPr] hello

> I have this site in my address book and wondered if anyone is actually out
> there!  I have recieved 2 things from Spirit since joining.  One was
today, a
> profile of  Matt the Skeptic and the other was quite a while ago, a
> of all the letters to I-P Digest concerning anything in which God was
> mentioned, there were like 5 letters and I think 2 were mine!.  So, does
> site actually get mail?  Just curious!  Maybe it's just waiting for us all
> write something!
> I will say that it is only through God's grace that I am still in this old
> world!  It's only through Him they found out I was a diabetic those 40
> ago.  Mom and Dad had taken me to a dozen doctors and no one suspected me
> being a diabetic.  I have been curious how so many before me were
> so young if it was so unusual for young children back in the 60's to be
> diabetic!  Thank God for my Aunt Doris who insisted Mom take me to Dr
> in Michigan.  They said at the hospital another 24 hours and I would have
> died.  But I am alive and kickin'!  God has used me in a lot of ways
> throughout my years.  I am now raising children whom we adopted--5 of
> them--and feel I will live many more healthy years because I don't feel
> gave me these 5 wonderful children to take my health away from me!  That
> my belief and I'm stickin' to it!
> Now, if there is someone else on this list you can see I can get
> and sometimes downright silly.  My oldest daughter tells me I talk just to
> hear myself sometimes!  Gosh, I love that girl!  Tomorrow is her 17th
> birthday and her 10 year old sister's 4th birthday in Christ!  Sarah, my
> almost 17 yr old, was baptized on the anniversary of her adoption so she
> twice adopted on the same day!
> Ok, enough!
> God Bless
> Debbie
> dx  3/63   pumping 3/2000
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