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Re: [IPr] Spiritual Help

That was a very helpful story. Sometimes putting our prayers in a concrete 
form allows us to more easily let go of the stress around them. I know I did 
similar things a few months ago when my 22 year old sister almost died in a 
head on collision. Luckily my sister is alive and relatively well, despite a 
compressed/broken back and a shattered pelvis. The past year has been 
profoundly enlightening for me in terms of rolling with the punches and being 
there when others need me, with out imposing myself when they are unable to 
recieve me. Sometimes I think tragedy and pain are the best teachers in the 
world. Spiritualy I look at everything in life including my Diabetes as a 
learning tool and sometimes a test of my spiritual strength.
Brightest Blessings Michelle
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