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Re: [IPr] Miss You All

Hello ALL
I miss everyone on this list a whole lot also.
I am glad you sent that poem it was very nice.
I have been busy running around being oriented to my PhD program.
I have been having weird BS readings from stress and anxiety the last couple 
I am so excited about school and life, but I think my excitment is welling 
over into anxiety. So I have been trying to meditate and do positive self 
talk to keep myself a little calmer and keep my BS a little more stable. 
I also have been dealing with a very scary and non-diabetes related test 
result, I had an abnormal PAP test for the first time ever. So I get to go 
through not so fun and semi-invasive testing to make sure I do not have 
precancer of the cervix.
I am accepting all types of prayers and any and all advice on this subject.
Brightest Blessings Michelle T.
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