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[IPr] Re: My thoughts, and coping

>.I was getting the impression that there was more of an argument going 
>on than anything else. 

I can see where you're coming from.  There can sometimes be a fine line 
(especially in online forums) between a "debate" and an "argument".  I 
enjoy good discussions/debates on topics of interest to me.  However, I 
DON'T enjoy it when it turns into a fight -- i.e., when people start insulting 
each other, getting angry, hurt feelings result, etc.  And yes, I think the 
most recent thread bordered on that at times -- but to a large extent, it did 
stay respectful IMO.

I do think it's important (especially when discussing topics as "sensitive" as 
religion) to be careful how we word our posts, phrase things in language 
such as  "I have a different view" as opposed to "you're wrong!", and 
disagree with ideas WITHOUT attacking anyone personally.

Just MHO...

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