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[IPr] All of Us

Fellow Spiritual Pumpers,
    To Jim, Cindy, Laura, Matt and all others who have been participating in
the latest biblical discussions, I have only one thing to say: I am not
offended by anything or any particular viewpoint recently shared in this
forum. I would only add that I strongly believe in God, Abba, Jehovah or
whatever name you personnally choose to give our creator. I also believe that
the two most important commandments are as follows: !) Love the Lord your God
with all your heart and your mind and your soul and 2) Love your neighbor as
yourself. Perhaps we do not love ourselves enough? As I battle with this
disease on a daily basis, and wonder why I must lose control when I feel I'm
doing all that is required, I also recognize that without Him I would truly be
    I don't understand a great many things, but I know that He is in control
and has a plan for each of us to our last dying breath. My biggest obstacle is
myself, I have a great deal of pride. Thanks I'm sure to my Irish ancestry!
And while I do appreciate my heritage in keeping my fighting spirit alive, it
is also my biggest downfall. In fact, after attending one of those Diabetes
Conventions, and feeling boastful after lunch when my table all tested and my
sugar was 101! (Yeah!!) Then withing an hour or so after that, I was heading
out to the parking lot and babbling like a lunatic with a bs of 38! So what
did that teach me? Don't feel so superior about my test results and admit that
I, like so many others, am just doing what I can to make it through each day!
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