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Re: [IPr] Topics

In a message dated 11/12/02 9:11:44 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Just to be sure that we leave no one out, the true purpose of THIS List is
> to discuss things of a spiritual nature, whether it is related to our
> pumping insulin or dealing with diabetes or just in general.  If it relates
> to the Almighty (doesn't it all) then you may express it freely here 
> (within
> the guidelines of Netiquette).    :>)
> IF you are in this group to discuss matters of a physical nature, then
> instead you should be a member of the Main list.  It is not that we cannot
> discuss insulin pumping here, it is that on the Main list THAT IS THE 
> Topic.
> If you have any question as to which list you belong on, please write to 
> the
> Admin on duty at    HELP@insulin-pumpers.org         Thank you,
> George

thank you, George, for clarifying that.  I have asked to be removed from this 
list.  I do not need strife in my life.  I was hoping to give and receive 
support.  Not necessarily of a physical nature, but in all aspects.  
Depression is a big part of my life and that of many chronically ill people.  

Sorry if I offended anyone.  I feel it best that I resign from this 
good bye.
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