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Re: [IPr] Spirit and Pump discussions

On 11/11/02 7:47 PM, "James Handsfield" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> dawn- i sure hope we can soon get back to discussion about insulin pumps!!!
> Please accept my apologies if I have caused any discomfort.  It's my
> impression that this particular list is not so much about pumping as the
> spiritual aspects of our disease(s).  What has passed the last few days
> should be celebrated for the indication of diversity among us, and the ways
> we might be inspired through one another, even in heated argument.
> But if I'm mistaken, then I'll withdraw.

Speaking as an Administrator for the Lists, you are correct.  The Spirit
list IS for discussions of the spiritual sides of our disease OR our lives.
The Main List is more appropriate for discussion of Pumps as a therapy.  And
the same "Ten Commandments of Netiquette" are to be applied here as they are
on the other lists:


George     :>)
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