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[IPr] Re: My thoughts, and coping

>It's my impression that this particular list is not so much about pumping 
>as the spiritual aspects of our disease(s). 

I agree.  To me, it would be awfully limiting to ONLY be able to post about 
our faith as it directly relates to diabetes (or for that matter, to be required 
to include comments about faith in every single diabetes-related post).  I 
see this list as a group of people who are all affected by diabetes, and who 
all value (or at least enjoy discussing) faith/religion/spirituality.  As we all 
know, comments about God/religion are not welcome on the "main" list, so 
to me this should be an outlet for those kind of conversations.  I have very 
much enjoyed the most recent discussion (even though it's gotten a little 
heated at times!)  It's wonderful to see some activity on this list and I hope 
it's not just a passing thing!

But anyway....someone correct me if I'm wrong about the nature of the list!  
I apologize if any of my posts were inappropriate.

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