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[IPr] FW: forward to spirit

>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IPr] Re: My thoughts, and coping
>From: Kress Family <email @ redacted>
>Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 11:38:01 -0600

>It appears the seminars are primarily for Jews or other religions or
>non-religions who do not believe Jesus is the Messiah.   That's fine.
>As a Christian, I have no interest in listening to a group (no matter
>how scholarly) who don't believe in the most fundamental Christian
>belief, that Jesus is the Messiah.

No it isn't.  The scholars in the Jesus Seminar have a very wide varieties
of backgrounds.  Fundementalists are underrepresented due to their research
approach [e.g. wishing to understand the historical truth of events and
sayings reported in the Bible, whereas for the fundementalist it is ALL
tue and beyond question]. Many if not most are from Christian seminaries.
I would also venture that a majority would identify themselves as Christian.

>I disagreed with much of what was written, especially the part that
>Jesus and the New Testament is anti-Jew.  Excerpt:

>"Again one must remember that the figure of Jesus, no matter how
>benevolent he has appeared to Christians, has always been used as a
>symbol of great oppression against the Jew.  In short, the text of
>the New Testament can be a source of useful historical reflection for
>Jews, when it is not being used as a theological bludgeon against

>Jesus wasn't anti anything.  Many of his own disciples and followers
>were Jewish.  Paul was Jewish.  The New Testament is for anyone and
>everyone to embrace.  Some Jews do, some don't.  Their choice.  If
>they feel rejected, it's because they rejected it, it didn't reject

You seemed to have missed the point (in my opinion).  It is not the New
Testament or Jesus that is anti-jew or anti-semite, it is that historically
many people have used the New Testament stories as a basis for
anti-semitism.  Perhap you have heard the phrase "Christ-killer" used to
refer to a Jew?  That is what the author is refering to.  How the Roman
authorities (Pilate) washed their hands of Jesus's punishment and turned him
over to Jewish authorities.

If I may, can I return to your lack of interest in scholarship from an
non-"Jesus is messiah" group?  Does that mean you reject this recent
discovery of the first (perhaps) historical (as opposed to religious
writings) finding that indicates that there really was a Jesus? I am
refering to this burial object for James son of Joeseph and brother of
Jesus.  My father-in-law for years has cited that there is no historical
evidence there ever was a Jesus.  This is the first, but because it was
discovered by non-Christians you are not interested?  How frightening.

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