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Re: [IPr] Re: My thoughts, and coping

>It is my opinion that blind faith often results only in blindness.  I'll end
>by quoting an ad from the Church Ad Project (http://www.churchad.com/):  "He
>died to take away your sins, not your mind."
>Jim Handsfield
>email @ redacted


Is that a quote from the Bible??  Didn't think so.  In that case, it 
is THOSE minds that are being taken away.  Like Jesus, I pay no 
attention to what man's laws, rules, and opinions are if they go 
against God's.

One other thing.  As a CHRISTIAN, the only God inspired book is the 
Bible.  It is THE ONLY book that gives us Christians the new 
covenant, the New Testament.  Twist it any way you want, that is a 

Please don't bother me anymore with your silly explanations.

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