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[IPr] Re: My thoughts, and coping

>To me, the key word in your sentence is "worshipping".  It is the WORSHIP
>of idols that God opposes.  It's not that the thing that's become an "idol" is
>necessarily a bad thing in itself.  It could be a good or even 
>wonderful thing.
> But it's not God, so it can't be worshipped.   I believe Christians 
>are called
>to worship God through Jesus Christ -- NOT worship the Bible.  Study the
>Bible, yes.  Learn about God and Jesus from the Bible, yes.  Allow our faith
>to be shaped and challenged by the Bible, yes. But worship it by allowing it
>to become the only thing that sustains our faith?  No.


I NEVER said the Bible should be worshipped.  I simply said it cannot 
be considered an idol.  We worship God THROUGH the teachings and word 
of the Bible, which was God inspired.  Of course, like anything else, 
people using it for the wrong reasons could be very displeasing to 

I'm going to end this and not respond to any more posts by saying:

1.  As Christians, I believe our ONLY source for God's word is 
through the Bible.  It is the only book that was inspired by God. 
Please, if anyone knows of other books inspired by God, by all means, 
I'll be more open-minded.  I'm not the least bit interested in 
anything written that was not inspired by God.

2.  I don't believe there are inconsistencies and/or fallacies in the 
Bible.  Period.  That's my faith and my belief.  It's the 
interpretations from people that create the inconsistencies.

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